Greetings from the East!

Greetings Brother;

Please view the latest message from Grand Master Kennith Roy Jr.

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This video touches details the following highlights:

Make calling our brothers a part of your normal #Masonic life

An update on the warfare of our Masonic Home Residents and the professionals serving them

Revised Plans for Annual Conference 5/19

Will begin noon 5/19/20 and conclude that day with an abbreviated agenda.

Only members / associate members of GL will be invited to attend (WM (or proxies,) GL Officers, PGMs, those members necessary give reports, committees necessary and those individuals necessary to ensure the operation of the meeting.)

No meals to be offered or served at meeting.

All awards will be announced on 5/19 but delivered on Founders Day 2021

All support checks will be announced and delivered as necessary (youth groups, scholarship board, library, museum, etc...)

If 5/19 is deemed not available due to the #COVID19 pandemic, an alternate date of 6/16/2020 has been selected.

Please be safe and healthy until the next time we shall meet in person.

-Grand Lodge PR & Marketing Committee 

Upcoming Events 

It is the strength and the fraternal bond of the Lodge membership that help us accomplish our worthy goals. Therefore I would like to encourage all our brethren to join us in our labors. Your support is essential for our success and the strength of our Lodge shines best when we work together.

  • All Meetings and events are postponed until further notice. 


 Todd Hughes

Worshipful Master 2020

Welcome to the website of Delaware Lodge No. 46, Free and Accepted Masons, located in Muncie, Indiana.

Freemasonry is the oldest, largest and most respected gentleman’s fraternity in the world. It’s modern origins start in 1717 in London, but its legendary beginnings stretch back to the ancient stonemason guilds of Europe, and even before - to the building of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.

• Today’s Freemasons do not work in stone, but build temples in the hearts of men, taking good men and making them better husbands, fathers, sons and citizens.

• Delaware Lodge meets in the Muncie Masonic Hall building at the East end of McGalliard Rd, next to the Shrine Club on Shrine Drive.